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Lirbaj: Project T is the animation series that I am working on at the moment. It isn't going to be the prettiest work that you will see, I kind of don't like the way the characters look, but only because I have a really creative mind and call myself a "Creative Mastermind" that I know with my average art skills I still will be able to get my message across.

The story is going to be SUPER RICH! If you are a fan of Final Fantasy 7 then you are going to love this, it is inspired by it a little bit. My only problem is that I am getting ahead of myself, starting to animate without even finishing plots and designs of the game, it has already messed me up so I am going to stop to write out some stuff first.

Look for this promo sometime next week. I know you all are going to enjoy this Flash Series, it will be action packed with a rich story line. [Shooting for a story richer than FF7!]

Thank you for reading, stay tuned.


Casting My Shadow

2010-04-09 04:55:16 by PROGCoAnkelz

Hey what's going on who ever is reading this? I am Ankelz & I am reppin' PROG Co. PROG Co is a new entertainment group that aiming to entertain EVERY audience as possible.

As of now I am just browsing around, admiring work while getting idea's from them to get idea's of my own animations. "Project T" is a series that I will be releasing sometime in the future, as long as others.

I am not really new to newgrounds, even though my account is, I just never signed up. Now I am getting into animations on my spare time when I am out traveling and not performing, and I am new to Flash, but I will learn through time, only mistakes can make me better.

To find out more about who I am personally, head to